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Image of Cheri's Hazelcream with a milk bottle, and hazelnuts

If you are looking to stock a specialty product to better serve your dairy-free customers, we can help.

Many consumers today are looking to limit or eliminate dairy products from their diets.

Some because of food allergies, others because of a move towards plant based diets.

According to a recent study, between 2000 and 2019, per capita consumption of dairy has declined nearly 29%.

Cheri knows because she is one of those people.

She loved creamy dairy flavors in her meals, but after being diagnosed with food allergies including dairy, she was limited to what she could buy from groceries and specialty stores

This is a major issue for many of your customers too!

We know there are many dairy alternatives out there. The most popular are Almond, Soy, and Oat. However, for cooking and baking:

  • Using Almond milk is like pouring water in your gravy, so its not a good option.
  • Soy milks tend to leave strong after tastes and many are allergic to Soy.
  • Oat has good consistency but tends to leave dishes tasting like oatmeal.

Cheri knows this because she's tried to cook with all of them. That's why she developed Cheri's HazelCream.

The properties of the Hazelnut, combined with our proprietary preparation, makes Cheri's HazelCream an ideal solution. We spent two years creating a neutral flavor profile that doesn't leave cooked or baked food with a hazelnut aftertaste.

Consumer Benefits

  • They mix it to become a 1:1 milk, a cream or even buttermilk alternative.
  • They can even use the paste directly like a nut butter.
  • They make as they need it; what they make is good for 5-7 days refrigerated
  • Unopened portion cups stay in the pantry until needed.

Store Friendly

  • Shelf Stable 8"x6"x1.5" stand up pouches easy to place on shelves
  • No refrigeration required but you can place in the dairy cooler for effect
  • Displays well with colorful package
  • QR code incorporated into packaging to provide easy info for consumers
  • We can do in-store demos, live stream video and social media for reatailers

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