Cheri's HazelCream 2 Pack

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Our package contains two portion cups, each of which makes up to a quart of Cheri's delicious Non-Dairy Milk Substitute
 (up to 1/2 Gallon total)

Cheri's HazelCream is your creamy alternative for all your cooking and baking recipes that call for dairy milk, cream, or even buttermilk. You control the richness.

A million uses in the kitchen; it's great any way you use it.

Priced at less than 12.5 cents (₵) / fluid ounce versus many premium non-dairy milks that cost 30%-50% more, plus you can cook with Cheri's HazelCream!

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3 reviews for Cheri’s HazelCream 2 Pack

Elaine C.

I just heard about Cheri’s Hazelnut Cream when I had the great fortune to go to a sampling. What a delightful surprise to find a new refreshing flavor! It was used as a milk substitute for dairy allergies in recipes. Like one of those,” Wow, this is good. What makes this taste different?” I bought some. It looked a bit like peanutbutter in the pod….mmmm???… sooooo… I tried using it like peanut butter instead of diluting it for a milk. I put it on my morning muffin. It was great alone but I like jelly too! Soo… I have a new favorite breakfast! I’m ready to set up a regular delivery!!

Bonnie F.

My cheese sauce was made with a 50-50 mix of the HazelCream as milk and cream and tapioca flour for thickening with a little dash of salt and some dry mustard. To that mixture I added a tablespoon of butter and a mild cheddar cheese. The sauce was tasty and creamy. I put it over corn chips for nachos and refrigerated the leftover sauce which I look forward to using again.

Christina G.

I baked breakfast donuts and jalapeno cornbread with the milk. The donuts and cornbread both came out great. They held their texture and were not dry. The HazelCream performed well. 

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Each portion cups makes up to a quart of Cheri's delicious Non-Dairy Milk Substitute depending on how much water you add. Each quart contains four, 8 fluid ounce servings of product after mixing

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