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What are the Nutritional Facts about Cheri's HazelCream and what about those allergen warnings?

Cheri's HazelCream is made with Oregon Hazelnuts, specially prepared to our specifications by a certified nut processor adhering to all applicable laws and regulations for quality. However, Hazelnuts are tree nuts that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Under FDA regulations we must advise consumers of this risk.

We are a small company just starting out, so today we use a leased licensed commercial kitchen to perform our "HazelCream magic". Every effort is made to isolate our production from other product made in the facility and our workspace is regularly cleaned and sanitized to avoid other major allergens. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.

As we grow, we expect to eventually move to a dedicated facility where we can truly eliminate the possibility of cross contamination, but until then if you are highly sensitive to any of the FDA major allergens, you may wish to avoid our product for now.




Made in a facility that also processes wheat flour and other possible allergens

Nutritional Fact Label for Cheri's HazelCream
Ingredient list for Cheri's HazelCream

How does Cheri's HazelCream stack up vs. real dairy and almond milks?

Comparing Cheri's HazelCream to whole dairy milk, we see that we have much lower sodium, carbohydrates, and total sugar while we have slightly lower calories per serving. Most of our calories come from the healthy plant based fat in the hazelnut.

When compared to Almond milks made from mostly water, we have twice the protein, and a lot less salt. If it weren't for a lot of added supplements, the almond milk would have nearly no nutritional value at all .

Whole Milk

Nutritional Facts label for dairy milk

Almond Milk

Cheri's HazelCream

Nutritional Fact Label for Cheri's HazelCream

I see some stuff separating to the bottom

of the container after a few days- what's up with that?

Like most non dairy milks, and even some dairy milks, Cheri's HazelCream is an emulsion of the natural hazelnut oil, and the fine nut meat in water. Some separation is normal and natural based on the weight of the various ingredients.

Simply shake or stir your container and your HazelCream will go back into solution.

Hazelnut Non Dairy Substitute

Why do you have sugar in your product?

One of our goals in making Cheri's HazelCream was to create a taste and mouthfeel that is as close as we can get to Dairy Milks and Creams.

In that flavor profile is a certain sweetness that people expect to taste. We use a very small amount of sugar in our processing today to get there. Without it, the taste just wouldn't be the same. During our development, we tried several fruit based sugars but one requirement we have is mouthfeel and there were always undissolved small particles that took away from the smoothness we wanted.

We know some have concerns about added sugars. However, look at Whole Milk. It has 12g of sugars per 8 fl. oz. serving added by the cow! That same serving of Cheri's HazelCream has only 1g. It is small enough that by the formula used when producing nutritional fact labels for the government, the added sugar calculation rounds down to 0%

We have been evaluating alternative sweeteners, ranging from stevia to natural sugar alcohols and we may introduce a version of the product with a different sweeter in the future.

Photo of a Table with pile of sugar on it

What are those small dark flakes in your product?

Occasionally you may see a few small dark flakes within the paste or milk itself. These are completely normal.

Hazelnuts have a natural "pellicle" or outer skin that surrounds the nut meat. After roasting, these pellicles crumble and darken. Our special roasting process minimizes the amount of small pellicle flakes, but occasionally small pieces make their way into the final product. They are natural, edible, and completely safe


Do you have a product flyer?

Why, yes we do!

If you would like to download our product flyer to share with others,

Small image of Cheri's HazelCream Flyer

What are you doing about plastics in your packaging?

The packaging we are using today, is recyclable, albeit plastics.

  • Our lids are aluminum foil based using soy based inks.
  • Our portion cups are made from thin wall polypropylene (#5) which can be accepted by most recycling facilities.
  • Our outer packaging is PET, One of the most successfully re-cycled plastics in the world
  • Mailing packages are 100% recyclable cardboard.

Having said all that, we are fully aware of the issues surrounding recycling of plastics in America and are looking to a future where new and innovative packages can be used that are fully compostable or more easily recycled.

There are some new compostable materials on the horizon but unfortunately most find themselves in the landfill today because processing centers are not yet able to sort these new materials, So for now, we watch the industry and when the time is right, we will migrate to these newer materials.

Recyling arrows with a globe

What Cheri's HazelCream Giving Policy?

Image of a plant emerging from the ground under sun

We are a small company just starting out, but we think it is important to everyone for Cheri's HazelCream to look for ways of giving back for the abundance that surrounds us, and to nurture other organizations that benefit our customers and society at large.

Cheri’s HazelCream will be supporting food allergy non-profits by donating 2% of our net profits.

Big Announcement Coming Soon…Stay Tuned

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