Is a Dairy-Free Milk substitute made from Oregon Hazelnuts:

Great Taste-
  • It's Creamy
  • Tastes Delicious
  • Use it just like Dairy
  • Make Direct Substitutions in Recipes
  • You Control the Richness
  • Make Milk, Cream, even Buttermilk!
Easy to Use-
  • Stores in your pantry until you need it
  • Easy to use pre-measured portion cups
  • Lasts in the fridge 5-7 days after mixing

Our Customers include-

Professional Chefs

As a direct replacement of milk, cream, or even buttermilk, Chefs rely on us to add new Dairy-Free options for their customers.

Baristas and bartenders alike use our product to make delicious drinks.


Seeking tasty ways of using a plant based milk that doesn't let you down- Creamy, not watery.

Milky, not pink or brown.

Natural flavor, not too sweet

Perfect for cooking and baking and recipe.

Home Cooks

For home cooks with a dairy allergy in the family, our product allows you to make great meals the whole family can enjoy without sacrificing taste.

What our customers say…


Your Plant-Based Lifestyle has a new Hero

Image of a plant emerging from the ground under sun
  1. SUSTAINABLE: Growing Oregon Hazelnuts takes 1/3 less water than almonds.
  2. ETHICAL: Oregon Hazelnuts are grown using ethical labor sources unlike some imported nuts.
  3. EASY: No need to soak nuts or use messy nut bags, just mix and use.

Your Dairy Allergy just got easier

  1. DELICIOUS: Meals taste so good, no one will ever ask about what you substituted for the dairy.
  2. RE-IMAGINE: Your family favorites can be made without sacrificing flavor.
  3. READY WHEN YOU ARE: Store it until you need it, make it when you want it, easy every time.

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